Our latest Heirloom  lamps

Heirloom Lamps

Our Heirloom lamps are either exclusive, one-of-a-kind, or limited production, keepsakes.  Each is a work of art worthy of passing on.

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Original Design

Looking for something that's unique and whimsical?  Take a look at our Original Design lamps.  Each is handcrafted, using the finest materials available.

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Custom Creations

Do you have your own idea for a unique, one-of-a-kind lamp?  We would love to work with you, and turn your ideas into something tangible, beginning with a free cost estimateWe bring visions . . . to light.

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Workart !

The early to mid-twentieth century was a remarkable era of innovation, craftsmanship, and elegance, especially within the American family home.  U.S. manufacturers designed household products like coffeemakers, radios, toasters, even Thermos bottles, with timeless beauty, and built them to last.  "Planned obsolescence" didn't exist yet.

That quality and styling is exactly what makes these common, everyday, household products a perfect "canvas" upon which to create new and functional works of art.  We call it Workart.

The concept is simple. The process is not.

Most of our Heirloom and Original Design lamps, are handcrafted from iconic products made in the 1920s through the 1960s. We constantly look for items that we can transform into modern-day classics.

We completely disassemble, clean, and restore each component of a product, and decommission any parts that can't be used in a modern lamp (like heating elements, for example).  We then develop a design plan for the finished work and integrate key features of the original into it, (such as an original brew strength knob becoming a dimmer control).  We use only the finest materials available - no shortcuts, and no compromising.  Each of our lamps carries our maker's mark and a unique serial number.


Currently, our products are offered exclusively through this site.  We've purposely decided not to sell via online auction and sales sites, such as eBay, Etsy, etc.  We also do not market our products at swap meets, flea markets, etc., however, we occasionally showcase, and sell, our creations at trade shows and craft festivals.  These venues give us the "face-time" with customers that provides us with fresh ideas and invaluable suggestions.

We are currently considering consigning some of our lamp models to select home furnishing stores.  We'll share, and highlight, these locations when we make Aja-Bay Lamps available at them.


Since our craftsmanship necessarily demands the skill to repair and restore a variety of items, we also offer these services for treasures you may already have.  We can expertly repair and/or restore many types of products back to original condition.  Contact us for a free, no obligation, estimate of cost and time!

Left view of Heirloom, AP76 lamp
Front view Heirloom C30A Lamp -v


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