Every Heirloom lamp built by Artifacturing Construct is truly a one-of-a-kind creation.  Our Heirloom lamps are never replicated.

The foundational piece is carefully disassembled, cleaned, and restored.  Any part that can't be used in the finished work, such as a heating element, is decommissioned or removed.

Drawing inspiration from the original, the decision of how to transform it into a fully functional lamp - while retaining the original's soul - is made.  The process of hand-fitting new, high-quality lamp components takes several days when bringing new life to an old classic.  It involves custom bending of tubing, incorporating switches and wiring, fabricating parts, test fitting, modifying, assembling, disassembling, more modifying, and reassembling,

We currently have no Heirloom lamps available.  Pictured below are two that have been recently purchased.

Front view 01 Heirloom AP76
Mid to late 1950s Sunbeam Coffeemaster AP76, Heirloom lamp (ser.# 20150217) - $425 --SOLD--

Sunbeam AP76 Coffeemaster w/ pull chain & integrated dimmer - $425 -SOLD-

Customer photo of C30A Sunbeam CoffeeMaster Heirloom lamp in their home
Customer photo of C30A Sunbeam Heirloom lamp

Sunbeam C30A Dual-chamber with integrated on/off switch - $375 -SOLD-

As we craft new Heirloom lamps, we'll showcase them here - Please check back.

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