Original Design lamps are also handcrafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, and certain features may be customized to suit your taste.  These lamps are not mass-produced but, unlike our Heirloom or Custom Creation lamps, can be replicated.  While we do offer these handmade lamps in multiple quantities, certain models, like our Java-Joe, may vary slightly, from one-to-another.


Construction Zone lamp with yellow hardhat shade

This is a dual-light lamp that looks great in an office, man cave, child's room, or living room.  The top light shade is a real construction hardhat, in your choice of red, yellow, or white.  The lower light is mounted inside an actual barricade light lens.  You can opt for this bulb to flash or not.  The handcrafted oak base comes painted white and orange, as shown.  The 4-position, rotary switch controls both lights independently.

The Construction Zone lamp can be customized with a company name or a company logo on the base.  If you like, you can even have us modify your own company hardhat to be used as the shade.

  • Dimensions:  22" H x 11" W x 5.25" D (55.88cm x 27.94cm x 13.34cm)
  • Power:  110-120vAC
  • Switch:  top on-bottom off/top off-bottom on/both on/both off)
  • Max. wattages:  Top - 60w / Lower - 25w
  • Options - (additional costs shown):
    • Hardhat shade color (red, yellow, or white) - Included
    • Switchable flashing function - $20
    • Customized - contact us for a quote
  • Five-year warranty

$195 (with flashing option) - one currently available

$175 (without flashing option) - available by order

Construction Zone Shades


Java-Joe with Canvas Tent shade 01

Java-Joe lamps are built from the iconic ribbed aluminum Thermos of the 40s, 50s and 60s.  The glass liner is removed and the bottom weighted for stability.  A dimmer is fitted into the sidewall with the original stopper modified as the knob.  Available in 18" or 22" sizes.

The recommended Java-Joe lampshades shown are custom-made by us and measure 7" high by 10" wide.  The four available fabric choices shown below.

  • Height: Pint size - 18" / Quart size - 22"
  • Power:  110-120vAC
  • Switch: Click on/off with rotary dimmer
  • Max. wattage: 60w
  • Purchase includes your choice of shade
  • Five-year warranty

$125 (pint size) - one currently available

$135 (quart size) - available by order

Java-Joe Shades

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